Father and Son

Save the Dave Fund

I would like to thank all those who contribute to my bills.
Any donation, no mater how small makes a difference.
I know everyone is suffering as well during these turbulent times.
From my heart, it is truly appreciated.

Saskatchewan, Canada
SaskEnergy $95/mo     Acct# 5100 0796 7605
SaskPower $221/mo     Acct# 84650645751
Access TV/Internet $177.55/mo     Acct# 6097752
Fido Cellular $78.06/mo     Acct# 530628247

The short story is that I suffer from chronic pain (colitis, neropothy, IBS) as well as numerous other
conditions. I am currently on Saskatchewan Assistance and have been trying to get on Saskatchewan Disability or SAID.

I get $915/mo. My rent is $900 and fixed expenses (utilities/phone)
are $571.61 so rent and expenses = $1471.61 and that's not including food

There is a large gap between what I receive and what I need to survive.
Giving me money creates problems as then it's treated as income or a gift and there is apparently
a whole lot of paperwork involved - which I don't mind if someone is willing to donate to the me.
I just thought this way if people were randomly putting money on my bills,
how am I supposed to know who it is or how to track it?

Here are some SHORT YouTube clips I found funny or interesting.
I hope you do as well.

1. Bomb

2. Bathroom

3. Africa - by Andy Macke

4. Young guy plays Eric Clapton very uniquely

I can always be reached through david@mucc.ca